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Over 19000 spectators saw this year’s tattoo. It goes into history as the best attended Norwegian Military Tattoo ever.

Get to know singer Yukari Miyake

from Japan

Get to know singer Yukari Miyake
JMSDF Tokyo Band and singer Yukari Miyake perform in Europe for the first time. We had a quick chat with Miyake on her way to rehearsal in Oslo Spektrum

World class drill and music in Oslo

 World class drill and music Oslo

Norwegian Military Tattoo 2014 is Norway’s biggest indoor event and it takes place from 5th – 11th May. Monday 5th May participants from all over the world will arrive in Oslo, and they will leave their mark on the city. In addition to four spectacular shows in Oslo Spektrum, there will be a number of free events such as drill displays, concerts and a grand Tattoo Parade in central Oslo. read more about the full programme here.


Russian military band will not attend

March 25 the Ministry of Defence issued a press release saying that Norway will cancel all planned military activities with Russia. This will affect the Norwegian Military Tattoo. 

Norwegian Military Tattoo 2014

celebrate the bicentenary of the Norwegian Constitution

Norwegian Military Tattoo 2014
World class military bands arrived Norway in may 2014. 10 nations totally. Nations that have inspired the Norwegian Constitution, nations that were among the first to recognize Norway as a sovereign state in 1905 and nations that have been important for Norway’s development as a democratic and independent state.

Bandmaster conference Oslo

The Norwegian Military Tattoo hosted a Bandmaster conference the weekend 6. - 8. of september 2013 in Oslo.

Norwegian Military Tattoo 2012 on DVD

Norwegian Military Tattoo 2012 -DVD with highlights & outstanding performances from the show! Order your dvd on this website!

Norwegian Military Tattoo 2012 on DVD

Norwegian Military Tattoo was held in Oslo Spektrum from 11th to 13th May 2012 with more than 18.000 people in the audience. Good music and military precision are key words for this live-production. The DVD contains all the highlights from the show including outstanding performances by the Norwegian military bands, trumpeter Ole Edvard Antonsen, vocalist Jannike Kruse and all our foreign guests from South-Korea, USA, Estonia, The Czech Republic, Ireland, Switzerland and Belgium.

NMT Program 2012

Norwegian Military Tattoo 2012

With nearly 1,000 participating and 20 000 spectators, the Norwegian Military Tattoo is Norway's largest indoor event. People travel from all over the country to see this fantastic show The set in Oslo Spektrum is a recreation of Akershus Fortress and the show is filled with spectacular entertainment.